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Marshall BRIDGING Fund
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Our client is a real estate fund (Marshall Bridging Fund), underwriting mezzanine and bridge loans, are looking to hire a senior staff to be adviser and organise due diligence (“DD”) processes of relevant properties and project developments.

Hours of work: full-time (preference) or part-time

Job Description: Real Estate Adviser (m/f/d)

long-term employment, starting a.s.a.p., subject to 6-months’ trial period

competitive (partially fixed/variable)

employee’s own office or residence; no presence required in Lux.


The role of the employee (m/f/d) shall comprise several aspects:

  • On the bridge and mezzanine loans to be underwritten by the fund, the employee shall prepare reports stating the safety of the projects including their real estate asset collaterals to guarantee the capital and interest cash flows to the underwritten loans in case of a default scenario.
  • The employee shall make visits to the locations of the properties or projects. The employee would ideally have available a network of German based local valuers and cost analysts, with whom he/she has already worked in the past, to help assess the quality of the assets as collateral in the German territory, as well as to asses if the projections in the business plan of the real estate project are reliable and make sense from a timing perspective.
  • The employee will be required to understand and explain to the investment committee any financial projections by borrowers on their projects, and to analyse the viability of the cost structure, such as cash flows and timings of execution proposed by the developer. To that extent the employee shall reach out for the assistance of local analysts who are able to provide knowledge about local cost structures, sales prices and timings of execution. The employee would ideally already have available such a network of professionals.
  • No presence in Luxembourg is required. No relocation expected.


Experience: Senior experience in the field of real estate, esp. regarding DD processes

Contact: Xavier Deu: or Christoph Puntmann:
Xavier Deu